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Air Lift Performance Builder Series Compact Bellow Style Air Shocks - Long

$1,039.95 - $1,095.95

Product Overview

Air Lift Builder Series Shocks

Designed for advanced builders in the lowered truck, hot rod, and exotic vehicle markets — 36 different shock kits available through customization.

The compact bellows option features a max load capacity of up to 1,709 lbs. and diameter of 5.5” at 100 PSI. This option works well in either the front or rear of the vehicle, particularly in builds where clearance AND load are of equal concern.

Adjustable threaded shock body to dial in your right height
Adjustable dampening to achieve optimum ride quality for performance or comfort
Monotube shocks available in three different lengths
1/8" NPT threaded female air port
Sold in Pairs

Long Compact Bellow Style Measurements:
78591 Eye/Eye Mount - 11.97 inches to 15.08 inches adjustable compressed height / 16.02 inches to 19.13 inches adjustable extended height
78691 Eye/Stud Mount - 12.28 inches to 15.39 inches adjustable compressed height / 16.34 inches to 19.45 inches adjustable extended height
78791 Trunnion/Stud Mount - 12.48 inches to 15.59 inches adjustable compressed height / 16.54 inches to 19.65 inches adjustable extended height
78891 Trunnion/Eye Mount - 12.17 inches to 15.28 inches adjustable compressed height / 16.22 inches to 19.33 inches adjustable extended height


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