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Chevrolet C-10 1963-1972 Ridetech Rear CoilOver System

$730.00 - $1,910.00

Product Overview

Fits: Chevrolet C-10 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972

RQ Series Part# 11336509
HQ Series Part# 11336510
TQ Series Part# 11336511

RideTech continues to offer today's hot rodders the ultimate in ride quality, handling performance, technical support, and now, SIMPLICITY, with the new coilover suspension components.

  • Anodized finish protects against corrosion

  • Available as a fixed valve, rebound single adjustable, or triple adjustable shock

  • CNC machined billet hardware

  • Unique pinch clamp height adjuster uses finer thread for easy adjustment

  • Includes 5/8" bore x 1" kevlar lined bearings for noise free operation

  • High-quality Delrin spring washers allow bind free pre-load adjustments

RideTech 2 1/2" coil over springs

built in Indiana by HyperCo:

High tensile premium steel CNC cold wound, less weight, more resistant to bowing, increased travel with durable powered coated finish
  • Monotube gas pressure design offers superior fade free performance

  • Impact forged aluminum body provides superior strength and reliable service

  • Larger 1.834" piston provides outstanding ride quality

  • Double sealed rod guide with dust cover eliminates oil leakage

  • 5/8" chrome shock shaft

  • Stainless steel spanner wrench that attaches to a 3/8 ratchet allowing coil adjustment in a tight area

RideTech Aluminum MonoTube Shocks

Great Performance

Mono-tube construction sets this coil-over shock apart - it means consistent performance and great ride quality

Springs come in a variety of spring rates ranging from 125 to 800 lbs/in
Coilover Springs Priced at: $75
Shop for springs below
*Coilover shocks come with spring mounts 

Do You Need Adjustable Shocks?

Everyone knows you need to hook up your horsepower to go fast. Since the shock absorber is really what controls how the suspension works, it plays a big role. Whether you're running in a straight line or going around corners, it's all about traction: traction going forward; traction going sideways. A drag-race car needs to come up softer and go down harder. A car that turns needs to minimize body roll. The requirements are different, but a shock that offers variable valving plus a wide range of travel can work effectively in both applications. Get an adjustable shock and tune it until it delivers the performance and/or ride quality that you want - then continue experimenting whenever track or road conditions change. If you want to take your street machine to the drag strip, you can make the front end fly up a little higher to transfer more weight and launch harder. If you want to autocross it, you can dial in the extra stiffness that makes it handle better. Dollar for dollar, we can't think of anything that offers so much potential performance, or is so easy to install and adjust.

HQ or TQ Series?

Single-adjustable (HQ Series) shocks control rebound (extension) primarily, while a triple-adjustable(TQ Series) shock sets rebound, high-speed compression, and low-speed compression, truly independently. On a TQ shock, the high-speed adjustment allows tuning for impact harshness... potholes, speedbumps, offroad use and other harsh road irregularities that might induce a high-speed excursion of the piston rod. The low-speed adjustment allows tuning of ride quality, as well as the general cornering characteristics of typical road course and racetrack use. TAs are always better, but you’ll pay $400 more for the luxury of tuning how firmly the shock both comes together and pulls apart. If money is a major concern and you've got a street car, single adjustable shocks are a far preferable choice. But if you find yourself on the autocross of track every other weekend, you'll want to look into the TQ series.

The Shock in ShockWave

Easy access adjuster knob allows a wide range of 26 clicks of rebound adjustment →
Large rubber external bumpstop to prevent harsh bottoming out →
5/8" hardened shaft is precision ground and straightened to a tolerance of .001" for increased durability and performance →
Billet end cap with integrated debris wiper to prevent seal damage →
Oversized rod guide improves piston rod stability →
Integral internal bumpstop eliminates extension crashing →
Monotube design allows large piston for superior oil control, ride quality, and handling →
Hard coat external anodizing ensures years of lasting beauty and performance →
Teflon piston wiper and progressive valving allow consistent piston/bore contact and repeatable performance →
Monotube bore is cathode anodized for years of wear resistance →
Specially contoured composite gas separator cup optimizes dead length and ensures proper nitrogen/oil separation →
One piece IMPACT FORGED body allows efficient manufacture and reliable leak-free operation →
Long lasting Kevlar lined bearings allow wide articulation and low noise →
RQ Series
The Ride Quality ("RQ") series is a great entry level solution. It still retains all the mounting and installation advantages of the other shock series. With fixed shock valving, the RQ series is designed to optimize ride quality, leaving out the guess work. 

• Fixed shock valving designed to optimize ride quality
• Aluminum impact forged construction provides leak free operation
• A great option for increasing ride quality and performance on a budget
• Monotube design
HQ Series
The Handling Quality ("HQ") series features adjustable shock valving. It is housed in a lightweight aluminum impact forged construction that is available in a wide range of stroke lengths, and mounting styles to fit a large variety of applications. 

• Aluminum impact forged construction allows leak free operation
• Single rebound shock valving adjustment
• Monotube design for superior oil control
• Easy & precise valve adjustment with 26 rebound clicks
TQ Series
The Track Quality ("TQ")  shock line goes beyond the typical double adjustable units that have been popular; the TA shock has a single rebound adjustment and a DUAL stage [high speed and low speed] compression adjustment. 

• Single rebound adjustment PLUS dual stage high & low speed compression
• Aluminum impact forged shock construction for leak free operation
• Monotube design for superior oil control
• Remote reservoir includes mounting brackets


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