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When it comes to digital ride height managers, Accuair is at the top of the list. And while they're not the only company out there to use sensors to figure out your vehicle's ride height, they're one of our more popular manufacturers. Why? Let's get the skinny on this company.

First, let's start with something relatively simple in the grand scheme of things. They make the ENDO-VT line of air tanks, and let us tell you, they're pretty cool. See, the big problem people have with valve manifolds and tanks is the sheer amount of space the two of them take up. The ENDO-VT puts the valves inside the air tank, making them one clean, simple unit. All you need to do is connect up some wiring via a nice harness and you're good to go.

But if you don't like going that route, then you can also do an individual valve body. These are manifolds designed to put all of your air valves in one block, which makes installation cleaner and smaller. It's a convenient option for those of you who want to show off your valves, while still getting the performance you want.

Of course, the star of the Accuair product lineup is the eLevel+ setup. The basic idea is that you have an electronic control unit (or ECU) that controls the amount of pressure you have in your airbags. How does it know what you want? Through sensors, which are available as height or pressure models.

Height sensors bolt to a stable surface and then a mobile suspension component like a control arm. You preset certain ride heights to your liking, and then you use the controller or the mobile app to set where you want to cruise or park from a height perspective. The ECU is constantly monitoring your ride height, and will adjust it on the go as necessary. The same applies to the pressure sensors, but these work with the air pressure in the airbags. You're doing the same thing, but now since it's based on the PSI in the airbags, you may have some fluctuation based on temperature and the like.

Accuair's eLevel+ setup is their shining star for sure. It's why they even offer retrofit kits to upgrade your eLevel to the eLevel+. It's also why they have controllers available as well as apps for your mobile device. The controllers light up and look like an older iPod touch with presets made for your favorite settings. It's a pretty sweet add-on to an already cool setup.

Of course, this would all be for naught if they didn't have parts, right? And by that we're talking about replacement items and consumables for things that wear down. We've got that as well, so if you're looking for one, let us know. Speaking of, one of our more popular packages is the CVT to VT conversion kit. This takes your CVT tank with a faulty compressor and changes it over to just a valve and tank setup. It's affordable, and it takes a product that was flawed and makes it fully functional again.

Should you have any questions about Accuair products and your ride, don't hesitate to drop us a line, give us a call or just stop by the shop. We've got a full crew here that knows their stuff and is ready to help you get the job done on your own car, truck or SUV the right way. And should you need a few tips or tricks, we've got those on hand as well. Remember, if you need help, we've got your back.

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