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Pre-Runner Kits

So you've seen rally races before, right? In this case, we're talking about desert courses with trucks hauling butt across some pretty sketchy terrain. These aren't finely defined tracks with lots of guideposts. No, these are dirt tracks with lots of risk. But to mitigate that, racers would use something called a pre-runner.

A pre-runner is a truck, car or motorcycle that runs through the course before the race vehicle. They do what's called a "pre-run" with a ride that's much less custom. They tend to have a higher lift in the front than the back, and they often have long-travel suspensions.

Today, you can buy pre-runner kits to make your own vehicle just like one of those pre-run rides. They utilize super-beefy components like heavy-duty control arms, heims joints and long-travel coilovers to give you the adjustment you need.

Let's dive into the specifics of these pre-runner kits. The idea is to not only lift your truck, but also allow you to run bigger wheels and tires while still getting the maximum amount of suspension travel. Once you fit one of these pre-runner kits on your truck you will likely want to get different fenders and/or bedsides to accommodate that extra travel, too. By the time you're done, the truck will look killer.

But the key thing here is that the truck will perform better with one of our pre-runner kits, too. The way the suspension is able to soak up bumps is pretty stellar. If you have never ridden in a vehicle with one of the many pre-runner kits available installed, you have no idea the joy that is waiting for you. Not only do you get the extra height and accompanying look, but it's the performance that really sets these things apart. There is nothing quite like blasting through the desert or somewhere else off road, sliding through corners and taking jumps like it's no big deal.

Of course, you need one of our pre-runner kits to get that whole thing going, so what exactly do you look for? First off, check the make, model and year of your ride and see if you can find a corresponding kit. Can't find what you need? Give one of our experts a call and they can do the digging for you. Once you've found a kit that works, make sure it has everything you need. You'll want those long travel shocks, the strong suspension components and maybe some other fancy goodies, too.

Now if you don't see what you need in our pre-runner kits section, consider our pre-runner parts. You can upgrade one of the kits and get some long travel King coilovers, for example, the ones with the killer remote reservoirs that you see all the cool kids running.

Finally, once you do have one of our pre-runner kits in your posession, consider what else you'll want to do to the truck. A roll cage is a healthy and safe addition, as are racing seats and seat belts. Beefing up the frame is never a bad idea, either. And, of course, there are wheels and tires to consider. Keep in mind what kind of off-roading you want to do, and get the appropriate tread pattern for your tires. Whatever you do, make sure you've got your truck ready for a nice and safe cruise, because you're going to hit the tracks and hit them hard.

Need help getting one of our pre-runner kits? Don't worry, we're here to help. Give us a call or drop us an email and we can answer all the questions you have. We've got a full staff of people ready to assist, so don't hesitate to ask.

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