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Since 2012, Switch Suspension has given our customers the best suspension, brake and steering upgrades available on the market. We do it all, from cars and trucks to SUVs and more. Basically, if it’s on wheels and you want it customized, we can handle it.

That said, we’re not just an online retailer. Sure, everything we sell is available right here on our website. But if you want to check us out in person, go to our retail showroom and installation facility in Mesa, AZ. Say hi and meet the crew. It’s a good time here, for sure.

Thanks to our nationwide buying power, Switch Suspension continues to bring you the best custom components and chassis options available. And with our easy-to-search website, shopping online has never been simpler.

Whether you need suspension, brake or steering upgrades, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our full line of suspension lift kits, lowering kits, air suspension kits, big brake kits, steering upgrades and so much more.

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  • What makes Switch Suspension different from other online retailers?

    Well let’s start with the obvious one: We have a physical location in Mesa, AZ that you can come down and visit during regular hours. It’s not only our retail hub, but also where you can get something done by one of our qualified installers. You can even watch them work through the glass, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    We also use what we sell. So if you want a kit from Air Lift Performance, we can not only sell it to you, but also install it if you prefer. That means that we only use the fittings, air suspension kits and suspension lift kits that we use on our own vehicles, as well as our customers’ rides. As a result, we only sell products that we believe in. We don’t want unhappy customers; We strive for true believers in what we do and sell.

    Which brings us to the last point: We’re enthusiasts, too. Every one of us either has owned or currently owns at least one modified vehicle. Just look at our parking lot on most days and you’ll find examples of what we find cool. Sometimes it’s simple, like a lifted Tundra or Chevy, while other times it’s a fully modified Suburban. We even drive our projects across the country. That all means that we know better than most what you, as a customer and fellow enthusiast, wants in your suspension setup. And we’ve got the years and knowledge to back that up. So go ahead: Ask us a question. One of us here more than likely has the answer.

  • Do you sell lift kits or just lowering kits?


    OK, that’s a flippant answer, so let’s set the record straight. We sell air suspension kits, lift kits, lowering kits — if it’s a suspension-related kit, we either sell it or can get it. We do coilover kits all the time, for example.

    But the key thing to point out is that we sell the best kits that we can get, that way you don’t have to worry about the quality. No more worrying about cheap parts breaking or things not fitting during the installation process.

    And that’s another part of our business: We sell not just kits, but the individual components that make up the kits, too. So say you’ve got a 1997 Chevrolet Silverado that’s lowered on spindles, coils and shocks, but one of your front shock absorbers is toast. No worries. Come to us and we can sell you a new pair quick and simple.

    Point is, we sell kits — all the best kits you can find.

  • Do you install air suspension kits?

    Sure do. Matter of fact, it’s something that you’ll see pretty regularly if you come down to visit our retail and installation location in Mesa, AZ. We tend to take on projects of all sorts, whether it’s just installing a 3H kit onto your existing air suspension setup or a full-on build from the frame up. It’s not unusual to see a full chassis getting worked on by the team and a stock truck up on a lift getting prepped for an install.

    So yes, we do install air suspension kits, from the complicated to the simple and everything in between. Give us a call or swing by our retail location today and we can answer all of your questions and concerns about the process.

  • What kind of car or truck can I bag?

    Most of them, really. In fact, you don’t have to limit it to traditional vehicles. We’ve seen airbagged golf carts, wheelchairs and all sorts of other things out there. It really comes down to what you want done.

    But as a very broad statement, you can do some searching on our website and get a better idea of what’s out there already. If you want to bag your 1959 Impala, you’ll find that we have a whole ton of kits available to help you out. But if your vehicle is more obscure or just not as popular, that’s fine, too. We custom build setups all the time. So if you can’t find it online, give us a call or send us an email and we can help you out. Chances are pretty good that we can bag it, whatever it is, but it always helps to talk it through first.

  • Do you do installations?

    Absolutely. Although we’re primarily an online and retail establishment, we have a complete installation center to do whatever you need. For example, we get trucks in all the time that are full builds, from top to bottom. But we also have simpler installs that come in, say for adding a hidden switch controller or tweaking a shock mount. Point is, if you need something installed, we can handle it.

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