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Air Bag Brackets and Rear Links

Airbagging your vehicle is a pretty exciting time. You put together a list of parts, go out and collect everything, then assemble it all into something really cool. And while that's fantastic, you may have questions about what to do when it comes to the rear of your ride. What kind of air bag brackets and rear links do you need to get things done? Let's figure it out.

We'll start by defining what each part means in the "air bag brackets and rear links" category. The first part — air bag brackets — refers to any kind of bracket or mount you will need for the rear of your ride to work with an airbagged suspension. Sometimes these are as simple as a circle plate with the mounting holes prepped for an airbag, other times it's a full weld-on bracket setup; It just depends on your application. Now rear links are suspension parts, sure. But what they do is make sure your rear axle can travel up and down and is still laterally supported. For example, we carry the Heavy Duty Chippin Block Parallel 4 Link with Panhard Bar. The parallel 4 link allows your rear axle to move up and down, while the panhard bar makes sure it stays in a relatively similar position side to side.

We lump air bag brackets and rear links into one group because the two things are closely related. If you're installing a rear link system, you're going to either need air bags or coilovers to replace the (usually) factory leaf springs. Basically, air bag brackets and rear links go together like peanut butter and jelly, so you get the idea.

And, like the sandwich, it's important that you pair the right two items together when you're looking at air bag brackets and rear link systems. For example, some rear link systems have air bag brackets built in. Our 1949-1954 HHD Triangulated 2 Link with Bag Mounts has the brackets integrated into the axle mounting points. For those, you also get an upper mount with a crossmember, and that gives you all the mounting points you need.

But not all air bag brackets and rear link kits work together. Some air bag brackets in this category are also front air bag kits. These are vehicle specific, and allow you to mount an air bag up front. We also sell entire rear kits that include sections of frame mounts in there, too. For example, we have the Lincoln Continental 1964-1969 Rear 4 Link Kit by Choppin Block. This kit has a crossmember with integrated shock mounts as well as all the bracketry you need for the included 4-link suspension. You also get the air bag brackets too, so everything sits nicely and gets the car down on the ground. It's yet another option in the air bag brackets and rear links category.

Of course, these are just a small amount of the products we carry. There are lots of front cups you can get that function as air bag brackets, and those work out great. We also have a ton of other fabrication parts for your ride, and we're adding more all the time.

Point is, if you're looking for air bag brackets and rear links for your ride, look no further. But if you can't discover what you need, don't hesitate to reach out. We're available by phone, email, or even just stop by the shop. There are tons of folks here willing to help you out and answer all of your questions.

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