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Air Suspension Kits

Installing an air suspension kit onto your vehicle can be a very rewarding experience. Having a fully adjustable suspension is pretty cool, whether you're taking your car to the asphalt or lifting your truck even higher. But what do you need to make that happen? Some air bags, a pair of compressors, an air tank and valves will get you most of the way there but an air suspension kit certainly helps complete the package, but before you get one, we have to define what they are.

We have a pretty broad definition for our air suspension kits. The first option are parts made specifically for air suspension. For example, we sell air suspension kits from Choppin' Block that include a full back half frame setup, or and entirely new bolt-on front clip. These parts are made specifically for air suspension, so we label them as air suspension kits.

The second, and most popular one, are complete airbag setups. These air suspension kits usually include the airbags themselves, air line, fittings, valves, tanks, etc. Now these come in varying degrees, meaning there are some that don't have valves and others that have options for which tank you want. But these air suspension kits are far and away the ones most people are looking for.

Another example of our air suspension kits are bag cups paired with the appropriate size airbag. We have a lot of customers who want to bag their trucks but don't know what airbags to pair with what they have so everything bolts right in. We air suspension kits that come complete with bags and brackets built for your specific vehicle. For example, we offer a 1958-1964 Chevy Impala air suspension kit that comes with Slam Specialties airbags and cups to bolt everything in the factory locations. If you have one of those cars, this kit makes your life a lot easier.

We also categorize some airbag helper kits as air suspension kits. That's because sometimes you can get them as full packages, or just the airbags and shocks. Airbag helper kits mount in the rear of your truck, and they're designed to level your truck out when you're carrying a heavy load. This kind of air suspension kit is actually a safety feature. If your bed has too much weight in it, you're taking pressure off the front wheels, which makes it more difficult to see and brake. By leveling out your truck, you potentially save yourself and others from harm.

Sometimes our air suspension kits are a set of struts. Sound weird to you? Here's the logic: Most of the time we sell shocks and airbags separately. After all, people like to set up their handling in specific ways, and shocks are one way to do that. But air struts are a different beast. The airbag and shock are all in one unit as a strut, and they're also adjustable. It's basically everything you need for either the front or rear of your ride, which is pretty cool. Alternatively, it could be a set of four struts or two struts and two traditional airbags. Sometimes it's everything you need to bag your car or SUV. Basically, we offer a lot of different types of air suspension kits, so if you need one, take a look and check out what we have.

Point is, we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to our air suspension kits. If you're not really sure which one of our air suspension kits that you need, don't hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line via email. We have experts on hand who know a ton about air suspension, and they can answer all of your questions.

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