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Although it may look like we're just a custom truck and car shop, we actually do a lot of motorcycle stuff as well. Why is that? Because motorcycles are cool, obviously. But also because there are different types of motorcycle riders out there, and a lot of them are custom car and truck guys as well. As a result, they want their motorcycle to look as cool as their other rides, and that's why they come to us.

One of the big options that we carry are motorcycle airbag kits. These are not always actually airbags, but instead either a variation of adjustable front forks or shocks fitted with an internal bladder that can raise the motorcycle up and down. Obviously a lot of the suspension stuff will change based on the type of bike you have. For example, a hard-tail motorcycle does not have any kind of adjustability, while a soft-tail motorcycle gives you options for airbags and the like.

Airbag kits for your motorcycle — or cruiser kits, etc. — give you a smoother ride with height adjustability built in. And believe it or not, you can still fit all of the usual airbag parts you would have on your truck on your motorcycle. The compressors are much smaller, as are the valves — and you only need two of those, so it's not that bad. Overall, there are a lot of things you can do with your motorcycle from an airbag perspective, and we carry tons of parts to help you out.

A lot of these motorcycle airbag kits are truly complete as well. They have the compressor, air spring sleeves, shock absorbers, switches, and a full installation guide so you can get the job done in your own garage. You can't say that for every airbag kit out there for trucks, which means it's definitely a good thing in this case.

Then there are things like motorcycle fork cartridge kits. These are helpful to improve your ride and stopping, because they smooth out the suspension nicely. Some kits are also tuneable, which means you can adjust how smoothly they ride.

If you don't have any interest in air suspension for your motorcycle, consider a pair of adjustable shocks. Some of these function just like a coilover, in that you have an adjustable spring perch on a threaded shock body that allows you to raise or lower the suspension accordingly. But some also have adjustable shocks, which let you fine tune your motorcycle's ride. This means you can not only adjust your spring preload, but also get a ton of dampening adjustment. The end result is a motorcycle that rides the way you want, and gives you performance as well.

Many of our motorcycle parts are serviceable as well. Now you may not see that as a huge advantage, but some parts will wear out over time. If you can fix them with a seal here or an o-ring there, that allows you to extend the life of the product, and that saves you money long term.

A lot of our motorcycle parts are model specific. That means you need to know the year, make and model of motorcycle that you own. Once you have that information, you can cross reference those with the part in question.

Whatever kind of motorcycle you ride or motorcycle part that you need for your custom ride, we can help you out. If you do need assistance, don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call. We have lots of knowledgeable teammembers here on site ready to help you out with all of your motorcycle needs.

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