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Airlift Performance

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AirLift Performance is one of those companies that's been around forever and knows airbags inside and out. They've got a long story, that's for sure. But how does that fit into what we do at Switch? Let's dive in and find out.

AirLift Performance started out as AirLift Company in 1949. That's right, over 70 years ago people were figuring out airbags, and that's what Air Lift was doing as well. They needed a way to carry more weight in their cars for family trips, and air springs were the solution. Soon they were building setups for stock cars, then pickups and SUVs. But it wasn't until the '90s that things started to look more like they do today.

See, back then AirLift Company focused on stock-adjacent vehicles, but in the late 1990s they began Easy Street — a division of AirLift that was all about lowered custom cars and trucks. And while the concept took off, Easy Street wasn't the best name for the situation. So instead they rebranded the division as AirLift Performance, which is the one we use the most here today.

AirLift Performance offers air ride components of all flavors. If you want your standard double-convoluted airbag, they have those in spades. But they also offer a few other things that make them stand out from the crowd.

AirLift Performance has air struts, which, up until relatively recently, were considered impossible to build. Back in the 1990s, putting an airbag over a strut was attempted and failed multiple times. But AirLift Performance was one of the companies that figured it out, and now they sell struts for all sorts of vehicles.

They're also well known for their 3H/3P setups. Here's the gist: If you want a digital air management system that allows you to preset ride heights for your vehicle, then this is your option. The 3H kit works with height sensors. You install them on your vehicle such that one part of it is solid mounted, and the other connects to a pivoting arm that attaches to your suspension either via a link or directly. As your suspension travels up and down, the height sensor determines what portion of travel you're at, and then maintains your desired height. The 3P kit is the same thing but operates on airbag pressure. Now you have pressure sensors that determine your ride height, and those are also controlled by an ECU. It's pretty magical stuff. Both kits have a cool controller you can use to manage everything on the go.

AirLift Performance also bought FLO Tanks a few years ago, and they're pretty sharp as well. These are billet aluminum air tanks with air caps that have all the ports you need. They're super clean looking setups, and look great both sitting in the bed of your truck or on the inside of your trunk.

Another cool thing that they've got over at Air Lift Performance is their Builders Series. If you need air springs, check out a ton of options for both bellows and tapered sleeve models. But for shocks, things get a lot more exciting. You can customize everything on these bad boys, from the mounting styles to the type of air spring and everything in between. These are great if you're building something custom and need a setup that'll work to your exacting specs.

Whatever you need, we've got your options right here. And should you need help picking something out, just call, email or stop on by and ask. We're here for you and your questions.

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