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Accuair E-Level+

Posted by Switch Suspension on 3rd Feb 2020

Accuair has done a lot to change the world of airbags. Their height sensor system has made airing up your ride automatic, and added a ton of people to the scene as a result. It’s a pretty sweet system, but if you’re new to the airbag thing, you might find it hard to figure out.

With that in mind, let’s take a few moments to break down what the new E-Level+ exactly is, and how it can work for you.

What is E-Level+

E-Level+ is a replacement for the original E-Level system by Accuair. At its core, the E-Level+ is a computer. It connects to your valves (and they don’t have to be made by Accuair), and gives you a way to wirelessly connect to your airbag system via their free smartphone app.

That’s the basics. But if you have the E+ Height system, then you can use the E-Level+ to adjust the height of your vehicle automatically via the same free smartphone app. And if you add the controller, you can, well, control everything with that, too. As is the theme with Accuair’s latest offerings, it’s all upgradeable.

If you’re already E-Level Equipped, you’re halfway there.

So what does the E-Level+ bring to the table that E-Level didn’t have? Well there are a few important features that make it a big deal.

First, the new system uses Bluetooth 5.0, which creates a long-range, secure connection between your smartphone and your E-Level+. Previous systems used a Wi-Fi network, which was great, but Bluetooth 5.0 makes life a lot easier.

Second, there’s battery saver mode. The new E-Level+ goes to sleep after 24 hours. No more dead batteries, folks.

And then there’s all the other cool stuff. There’s a compressor status indicator to show you when your compressor is running. The E+ Touchpad works with magnetic mounts. There’s a visual display for your height percentage when you use the E+ Height. And all your updates come down from the cloud in fancy over the air fashion.

If you’ve already got an E-Level setup, you can just replace your E-Level ECU with the E-Level+ ECU and you’re good to go. Add the new controller if you want extra features, or just use the new smartphone app. Either way, you’ve got options.

If you’re new to E-Level, this is a great place to start.

That’s just a statement of fact. The E-Level+ system is a fantastic way to get your airbag setup cleaned up and running smoothly. If you’ve been running traditional valves without height sensors, your world is going to change. And even if you just want the ability to run the app with what you’ve already got, that’s also a huge improvement.

Want it? Go get it.

We’ve got the E-Level+ in stock, but these things are moving fast. Don’t worry, if we sell out we’ll get more, but you do want to get in on the new system while you can. It’s a big improvement to an already stellar setup, and will make your car or truck that much better.

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