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How to Find a Good Airbag Installer

Posted by Switch Suspension on 30th Sep 2019

Let’s start out this article with the obvious: We’re biased. Our installs are pretty stellar, and we’ve done a lot of amazing builds over the years (just check our Instagram or YouTube page for more). But we also recognize that not all of our customers are in Phoenix, or they couldn’t bring their vehicles here even if they wanted to. So what do you do if you need to find a good shop in your area? Well let’s dig in and figure it out together.

Do some research.

It’s easy enough to find out what people out there think about a particular topic. Just google them. Maybe add “reviews” to the end of the search query. You’re sure to find something, good or bad.

One thing to keep in mind: There’s a standard rule about reviews, which is to say that you shouldn’t put too much faith in the five- and one-star models. Why? Because either people just want to blindly praise the company, or crap on them completely. Look at — and read, if possible — the other ones between two and four. See what those people say about what they like and dislike about the shop, because statistically they tend to be more honest. Some of the things you can discount down to personal opinion, while others may be legitimate concerns for you. But by reading what other people wrote, you’ll get a better idea of what you’re walking into.

Look online for their work, too. Check the obvious spots like Instagram and Facebook, then even dive deeper on Google. Look for hashtags of their name or something similar. If you find something like #Thisshopsucks then you might want to look elsewhere. But if not, and all looks good (even from their customers) then that’s a good sign.

Make a surprise visit.

If you’ve found a shop to work with, then, by definition, they have an official workspace where they do their job. (If it’s at their house, then unless you have some amazing references from buddies, consider moving on.) It’s usually in some industrial park or a shop nearby other similar occupations. So one day, before you’ve decided where you want to go, pay them a visit. A surprise one.

Some of the more disreputable shops out there will spend all day cleaning up if they know someone is coming by, so by just popping in, you’ll see what their space actually looks like, even in the middle of a build. That means that it could be spotless, or it could be a war zone. It all depends on the business.

What should you expect? Honestly a combination of the two. We keep our shop pretty immaculate, but there are definitely times when, in the middle of a build, things can get messy. But we keep on top of things by making sure the shop is swept up regularly and everything is in its place. If the shop you’re visiting looks rough, then do you really want to put your car or truck in their hands?

Ask around.

You’ve probably got a local hang-out spot, right? Head down there on whatever night or day is appropriate, and ask around. Talk to people and see what they say. You might hear some nightmare scenario, or you could find out the shop is super awesome. Word of mouth can be good and bad for a business, so figure out where they fall, and make your decision accordingly.

Make sure to ask the shop a lot of questions.

When in doubt, ask. We get customers all the time that want to know about what we do, and we’re more than willing to help them out. Other reputable shops do the same thing, so ask around and see what they’re into. A place that’s good at what they do won’t mind responding to your concerns, so ask away. What’s the worst that can happen?

And if you are local …

Just remember, we’re available for installations, too. Maybe you’re not in the Mesa area, but you have access to a trailer. Sounds like you don’t have much of a problem there. We kid, but if you do need tips, advice or even just help finding a shop in your area, give us a call. Who knows? We might have someone we can hook you up with.

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