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Suspension Leveling Kits: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Switch Suspension on 29th Jun 2021

Suspension leveling kits

So you've heard the word on the streets about these things called "Leveling Kits." What are they and how can they help you out on your truck? Well let's go through some of the most frequently asked questions that we get about the kits, and see what we can do.

Why do I need a leveling kit?

The concept behind a leveling kit is pretty straightforward: Parked on a level surface, your truck is not physically level. Instead, it sits higher in the rear than it is in the front. That's because once you put stuff in the bed, the truck will become physically level.

Some people, therefore, want their truck to always sit physically level, because they either don't often carry things in the bed, or they just prefer the look. The solution? Either lift the front of the truck to match the back, or lower the rear to match the front.

Do I want to go up or go down?

If you already want to level out your truck, then you have to decide what you want your truck to look like. You also should consider accessibility. Meaning, if you're on the shorter side, consider lowering the rear to level the truck. And if you have steps, maybe lifting the front is a better option.

This is one of those deals that comes down to personal preference. But if you need a little help, you can talk to one of our specialists on the phone. They've asked themselves these same questions, and they can give you some guidance.

Then there's one other thing to consider: Do you want the lifted look or do you want to look more stock? It's crazy to consider, but a front lift kit really does make your truck look like it has a full lift kit (albeit a small one), so if that's what you're going for, think about it.

What's the difference between a leveling kit and a lift kit?

Well we literally just wrote a blog post about the topic, but we'll give you the skinny. Leveling kits focus on just lifting or lowering either the front or rear of the truck to make it physically level. Lift kits lift all of the truck, keeping that built-in rake.

Which one you choose is up to you, but you've got lots of options either way you go.

Are leveling kits cheaper than lift kits?

Yup. For the most part, there are very few lift kits that cost the same or less than a leveling kit. For example, you can get lowering shackles to lower level your truck for around $50. But a lift kit is upwards of $1,000 depending on options.

Are leveling kits easy to install?

This depends on how much experience you have working on trucks. Lift leveling kits aren't usually too bad. Sometimes it's taking out a strut and adding a spacer, but other times it's replacing control arms, shocks and torsion keys, which is a more involved process. The same goes for lower leveling kits. Shackles can be easy to do if you've done them before, but they're a little bit intimidating for newbies.

We're here for you.

Whatever way you want to go, we're here to help. Whether you have install questions about leveling kits or just want to ask about something specific, just give us a ring. We've got your back.


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