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The Accuair ENDO-CVT Air Tank

Posted by Switch Suspension on 2nd Feb 2020

You’ve got a lot of options nowadays when it comes to buying an air tank. You’ve got your standard steel jobber that we don’t recommend, a Seamless Tanks option made of spun aluminum, and the cream of the crop, the Accuair ENDO-CVT.

Now that sounds great, but what exactly is an Accuair ENDO-CVT? What does the CVT stand for, anyways? (Spoiler: It stands for Awesome.)

All about the ENDO.

Let’s start with the basics. Accuair’s ENDO-Tank system is a group of tanks that all come with various add-ons. At its most basic, you’ve got the ENDO-T. That’s a regular tank in either 3- or 5-gallons with your choice of finishes: Raw, Black Cerakote, Gray Cerakote or Broze Cerakote. They start at $219, and the price goes up with the more options you add.

What makes these tanks so special? Well they’re modular, first off. Those end caps unbolt, allowing you (or Accuair) to install additional features whenever you’re ready. So you could feasibly buy the ENDO-T to start off your system and add other components later, or just keep it for pure storage. The fittings are also pressed into place with filters where necessary. And all ENDO tanks have a quick release mounting system so you can pull them in or out of your vehicle when needed.

Let’s talk about the initials.

So you know that the T in CVT is for Tank. What about the C and V then?

The V is for Valves, and that means your ENDO-T now can be an ENDO-VT, with a full valve assembly that’s housed on the inside of the tank. Soak that in for a second: You don’t have to mount your valves somewhere else, and never have to look at them. All you need to do is run lines to your tank per usual, connect an Accuair harness to the tank and connect to either your E-Level+ or other controller. The same size options apply to the ENDO-VT as they do the ENDO-T, except now you can have a 2- or 4-valve setup in the tank. These start at $525 and go up with various options.

Alrighty, you’ve probably figured out that the C is for Compressor, and this is a true game changer. With a compressor mounted inside your tank, you cut down on noise and vibration. You don’t need to have extra space to hold your compressor(s). Everything is in one nice, clean, compact unit.

An Accuair ENDO-CT setup starts at $969 and goes up from there depending on the size of the tank and type of finish.

The grand daddy of them all: Accuair ENDO-CVT.

Now you know the initials, so you can figure out what the ENDO-CVT is. It’s a tank with your compressor and valves stored in one unit. We sell them starting at $1,295, and again, the price goes up depending on the options you choose.

This is the ultimate air management setup, bar none. Everything you need to get your air flowing is in one unit. All you need to do is run lines to your bags and connect your controller of choice. And you don’t have to run an E-Level+ or anything else. This can be added to any airbag setup, no matter if you have height sensors or not. And that’s pretty awesome.

Combinations abound.

Now think about what you want for your car or truck and how this applies to you. Say you’ve got a C10 with two 5-gallon tanks, two compressors and a valve manifold. You could replace all of that with one ENDO-CVT and one ENDO-T, or mix it up with two ENDO-CVTs with two valves each. Or maybe go with one ENDO-CT and one ENDO-CVT. Or one ENDO-VT and one ENDO-CT. You’ve got a ton of different combinations that you could try, which means it’s super flexible for whatever kind of setup you want to build.

What we’ve seen is a lot is people pairing up tanks. Let’s say you want to run two 5-gallon tanks on your vehicle. Make one a CVT with four valves and the other a CT. If both are in the raw finish, you’re looking at $2,598 before tax and shipping.

Now can you get the individual components cheaper? Potentially, sure. But think about the space. We’ve done airbag setups with compressors, individual valves and everything else and it takes up a huge portion of the trunk or frame. If you’ve got other stuff that goes there like a gas tank or fuel cell, then you need every inch you can get.

It’s budget friendly, too.

That’s something that doesn’t get talked about enough with these ENDO tanks: They’re upgradeable. And that’s a good way to expand upon your system.

Here’s another example. You’ve got a truck and you want to run one ENDO-CVT to upgrade your existing system, but you just don’t have the money. Fair enough. Why not buy the ENDO-T then? Accuair sells an ENDO CVT upgrade for $800, which includes the compressors and valves. You can then either install them into the ENDO-T by yourself, or send your tank off to Accuair and have them do it. Either way, it’s an upgrade that allows you to buy what you can afford today, and upgrade later.

This is a big deal.

The ENDO-CVT is a huge step forward in the world of air management, and we’ve been selling a lot of ENDO tanks. Interested? Check out our lineup of ENDO tanks and parts on our website, and see what will work best for you and your setup.

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