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Chevrolet / GMC C10 2wd 1967-1972 Total Cost Involved Grounded Chassis


Product Overview

Fits: Chevrolet / GMC C-10 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972


  • 9“ Hot Rod Currie housing with your choice of gear set (3.00 – 4.56) 
  • Small block engine and automatic transmission mounts
  • 31 Spline axles and 12” disc brakes with internal drum parking brake
  • Complete frame with center section
  • Complete front suspension with disc brakes
  • Complete rear suspension
  • Custom steel brake lines terminated just under the cab
  • All cab, bed, bumper, core support mounts

Note: Allow 12 weeks build time, Shipping is calculated upon completion and billed separately, Feel free to call with any quesitons


  • This chassis design is engineered for excellent ride quality yet retain the utility of a pickup
  • 6” Tall fully boxed frame rails offer exceptional strength and rigidity
  • 12 piece center section adds strength while still allowing exhaust clearance
  • Suspension design provides a lowered stance while gaining ground clearance
  • Custom spindles use common late model C10 brakes but improve geometry to provide excellent handling
  • Bolt on steering arms provide tight turning radius and proper Ackerman angle
  • Vertical upper control arm mount plates make alignment & suspension tuning a snap
  • 3/16” Heavy duty cross member provides superior strength
  • Heavy duty upper and lower ball joints for additional strength and durability
  • Heavy duty upper and lower control arms provide added strength & safety
  • Vented front rotors and big bore calipers provide excellent braking capabilities
  • Energy suspension bushings throughout the chassis provide long lasting performance
  • Lightweight 1″ performance front anti-roll bar provides superior handling characteristics
  • Fully adjustable 4-Link rear suspension provides flexibility between performance & comfort
  • Brand new 9″ Currie rear end with 6 year/60,000 mile warranty offers peace of mind for years to come
  • Corrected wheelbase centers the front wheels in the well
  • Modern performance car handling and comfort in a 50 year old pickup
  • Fully plumbed brake lines shorten fabrication time
  • Engine and transmission mounts are pre-installed allowing your drivetrain combo to drop right in
  • All heli-arc welded for the highest quality & strength

Total Cost Involved is proud to offer you our new and complete 1963-1987 Chevrolet C10 Grounded Chassis! When we began designing this new Grounded Chassis we intended to change the negative perception that many have about air bag suspension. We spent countless hours making sure that this chassis had enough wheel travel to accomplish this goal. All while also making sure that we weren’t just forcing the bags work harder than necessary by sacrificing motion ratio. The ultimate goal was to run the least amount of pressure to hold the truck at ride height. So with this new Grounded Chassis we not only have the ability to lay it out but also keep the performance that we’re known for. These brand-new Grounded Chassis include all-new front and rear air bag suspension that when aired out, allows you to lay the frame on the ground with 29” tall front and rear tires. Fully aired up, the chassis boasts a max ground clearance of 8” with minimal camber change and when aired down provides that aggressive 4” ride height that everyone wants.

To start, the frame is laser cut and jig welded for the utmost precision and strength. We widened the front frame rails to allow more room for headers and steering components. In the rear, we’ve narrowed the frame to allow for outboard-mounted shocks and wider tires.

The front consists of our trusted and track-proven Pro Touring IFS system, we changed the Coilover mounts to airbag mounts and then added outboard shock mounts to accept the Ridetech single adjustable shocks. The Grounded IFS features our heavy-duty tubular control arms, 1” anti-sway bar, and rack and pinion steering along with custom modular spindles to provide plenty of brake options. This design brings performance to an air-bagged chassis.

The center section is a direct carry-over from our Pro Touring chassis. This 12-piece center section keeps the frame from twisting no matter how much horsepower you throw at it, while still leaving plenty of room to run 3” diameter exhaust.

Out back you will find fully boxed frame rails stepped up 8” and C-notched to accommodate that extra low slammed stance. Extra long and beefy 1-1/4” four-link bars are coupled with Currie Johnny Joints to aid in unbound articulation, less pinion angle change during suspension cycling and to minimize forward movement of axle centerline at full compression. All of this is suspended by rollover sleeve style Firestone airbags and Ridetech single adjustable shocks. This combination allows you to adjust the ride height and fine-tune ride quality to your liking.

All Grounded Chassis come standard with a complete Currie 9-inch differential including 31 spline axles with your choice of gearing. The housing is fabricated in-house for maximum strength to give your truck the ultimate in reliability. We can build these to your exact specifications from stock width or shortened to accommodate your large, deep dish rear wheels.

Last but certainly not least, all C10 Grounded Chassis come fully plumbed with hand fabricated ¼” stainless airlines along with 3/16” brake lines and hoses. Just add your own air management system to complete the build.

The icing on the cake is that all TCI Engineering products come with not just one, but two warranties. The first is a Six-Year, 60,000-mile warranty on wear and tear items such as bushings and ball joints. The second is that any items built in-house by TCI Engineering such as link bars, control arms, spindles, crossmembers, etc. come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Currently 12 to 14 WEEKS Lead Time!


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