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Ford F-100 1965-1979 Ridetech Coil Over Lowering Kit


Product Overview

Fits: Ford F-100 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979

Ridetech Part# 12320201 / 12330201

The classic Ford F-100 and F-150 platform presents some unique challenges when setting out to build a coil-over suspension system that delivers the ride and handling people have come to expect from a Ridetech suspension system.

The old Ford was designed and built for a different era – back when the speed limit was 55 and trucks were meant to work hard. While the original twin I-beam front suspension was certianly built “Ford tough” but it wasn’t exactly built to carve corners.

The front suspension of these trucks are particularly problematic to get lowered… and we like our trucks low. So we set out to design the best handling classic Ford truck suspension – and build it in a package that you can install yourself with hand tools and a little elbow grease.

Our complete bolt-in suspension system for the classic Ford trucks removes the entire factory front crossmember in favor of our bolt-on front crossmember…

Yes, we said bolt on… we have built our front suspension for the Ford truck to be bolted in and it is super stout… significantly more rigid and stronger than the original. It aligns with the original rivet holes in the frame, and does require some additional drilling for the many grade 8 fasteners we include in the kit.

This system utilizes the popular (and easy to find) “Fox Mustang” style steering rack. The control arms are set up with the ball-joints installed and include delrin bushings for smooth, squeak free, long-lasting performance. They also provide options for caster so you can set your truck up as aggressive as you want. When compared to other salvage-yard / crown vic options or street rod sourced front suspension systems, the Ridetech system is significantly more structurally sound and provides un-compromised suspension geometry for vastly superior ride and handling and the simplicity of keeping your factory frame.

At the rear of the truck, we utilize a proven 4 link design to provide a low stance and still retain full use of the bed floor and load capacity of the truck. The Ridetech bolt-in c-notch, just like our bolt-in front cross member, is designed to actually improve the strength of the original frame and provides all the mounts for our new control arms and panhard bar.

1965-1979 Front Suspension:

  • Removes bulky, heavy, poor handling twin I-beam suspension
  • Bolt-in cradle is super strong and strengthens the front of the truck while providing structural mounts front control arms – utilizes substantial “H” style design compared to other “I” style crossmembers.
  • Superb suspension geometry, built without compromise – vastly superior to adapted salvage yard “Crown-Vic suspension swaps” or “street rod style” / Mustang II front systems with optimized roll centers and anti-dive.
  • Delrin bushings on upper and lower control arms provide smooth, squeak-free long life
  • Upper control arm cross shaft allows for easy alignment and use of caster slugs
  • Adjustable steering stop on lower control arm
  • Utilizes Ridetech tall spindle which uses “AFX brake kits” – many brake kits (including Willwood) are dual drilled for 4.5 x 5 or 5 x 5 bolt pattern
  • Increased camber gain with tall spindle, 5-8 degree’s caster for improved high speed stability
  • 63.5” in front track width (wheel mount surface to wheel mount surface) – provides options for “traditional” offset wheel choices
  • Fits 14 inch and larger wheels. If using more than 4.5 inches of backspacing,18 inch wheels are required.
  • Motor mount “loops” connect cradle to frame rails to reinforce frame 
  • Motor mounts options for Modular Ford, Ford FE, and Small Block Ford, Chevy LS / Small Block / Big Block
  • Front sway bar measures 1.5″ x .250 wall and provides confident cornering and smooth ride
  • Adjustable bump stops 
  • Rack and pinion steering conversion with 15.5” center to center bushing mounts for 79-93 Mustang style steering rack
  • Includes billet adjustable tie rods
  • Bump steer has been virtually eliminated
  • Adaptable to stock steering column using kit 12319505, includes column adapter, U-Joint and shaft. 
  • High quality satin black powder coat finish
  • Entire system saves approximately 130lbs. from the front of the truck. 
Rear 4-Link Suspension:
  • Removes factory leaf spring suspension and bracketry
  • Complete parallel 4-link with panhard and c-notches
  • Works with Coilover or Shockwaves Air Suspension
  • Includes R-Joints on all links for smooth, bind free, quite operation and long life
  • Optimized roll center and anti-squat (60% anti-dive) for amazing traction and elimination of wheel hop
  • High quality satin black powder coat finish
  • Reduces rear weight by 50 lbs
  • 1965-1972 – No bed modification needed
  • 1973-1979 – Slight bed support rail modification needed (not visible from the top side of the truck

Brand (Manufacturer) Info 

When you talk about Ridetech, you talk about world-class hot rodders who are problem solvers and innovators. Established in 1996, Ridetech knows what it takes to build a better-lowered car - the right vision, commitment and dedication, time, resources, and ingenuity.

Ridetech transforms your vintage cars into modern-day treasures.


Warranty Information

RideTech offers a full 1 year, non-transferable warranty from date of purchase on all products. In the event that a product is out of the warranty time period, we will evaluate and respond to the customer’s concerns on a case-by-case basis.


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