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Ford Mustang 2015-2024 Ridetech Front Shockwave System For Stock Arms


Product Overview

Fits: Ford Mustang 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Ridetech Part# 12272501

Ridetech HQ Series S550/S650 Mustang ShockWaves are the latest to hit the market for the popular Blue Oval muscle car. While the car still bears the ‘Mustang’ name, Ford has evolved the persona of the traditional pony car over the S550 & S650 generations to assume a more capable grand tourer role. As such the car has adopted an independent rear suspension layout and enjoys more capable sports-car like handling. That said, there is always room left on the table for improvement with factory muscle, and Ridetech’s adjustable Shockwave front suspension allows for an aggressive yet functional stance and improved handling performance without sacrificing ride quality or comfort.

Ridetech’s latest ShockWave system is sporting a fresh new look, featuring a black and gray anodized finish that pairs nicely with blue Hyperco springs. Also, HQ Series S550/S650 Mustang Front ShockWaves are 24-position rebound adjustable and feature Fox Factory valving and internals. This allows for fine-tuning of suspension responsiveness, whether the car is put to use on the 1320, on the autocross, or road course use.

Additionally, these systems benefit from a new rubber lined spherical bearing integrated into the camber/caster plates, noticeably reducing the NVH that is commonly associated with performance suspensions. Together with the Fox valving and rebound adjustability, Ridetech’s latest design is yet another way that these ShockWaves improve the performance capabilities of the S550/S650 Mustang without sacrificing ride quality.

Features & Benefits

  • Fox Factory shock internals and valving along with monotube design provide excellent ride quality and handling
  • Anodized gunmetal black and gray finish provides great looks and long lasting finish
  • Improved range of camber & caster for performance driving alignments:
    • Caster Range: +7.5 to +8.5 degrees
    • Camber Range: -2.5 to +.25 degrees
    • Camber Range Extreme (Slug Flipped): -1.0 to -4.25 degrees
  • Impact forged aluminum shock body provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Allows 1.5”-2.5” drop in ride height from stock to improve vehicle center of gravity and reduce wheel-to-tire gap
  • Fully deflated will net an additional 2″-3″ drop
  • 24-position rebound adjustable HQ Series ShockWaves allow ride quality and suspension responsiveness adjustability
  • Made in the USA | Premium design, premium components, industry leading performance
  • Rubber isolated spherical bearing minimizes NVH noises commonly associated with high-performance suspension
  • Wide range of tuning options allow fine tuning for intended vehicle use: street performance, drag, road course, autocross
  • Application specific mounting for a seamless installation
  • Bolt-on installation. No irreversible modifications necessary
  • Ridetech’s standard 1,000,001 Mile Warranty
  • Triple Adjustable ShockWave options coming soon!

Brand (Manufacturer) Info 

When you talk about Ridetech, you talk about world-class hot rodders who are problem solvers and innovators. Established in 1996, Ridetech knows what it takes to build a better-lowered car - the right vision, commitment and dedication, time, resources, and ingenuity.

Ridetech transforms your vintage cars into modern-day treasures.




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