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Slam Specialties SS-6 Air Bag


Product Overview


Slam Specialties is proud to release the SS Series of Airsprings.  Utilizing 25 years of experience in composites, we have developed the next evolution in airspring technology.  Building from the Evolution platform we have refined and engineered the SS Series to improve the strengths and durability that Slam Specialties is known for.  The end result is an air spring that gives a better ride, more stroke, and higher pressure ratings all while reducing the weight by up to 40%. Why Composite plates?  Simple.  Composites allow us to produce an airspring with exceptional performance, durability, and non-corrosive properties.

- 30% Thicker Sidewall than RE Models
- Over 1” More Stroke than RE Models
- Up to 40% Lighter than RE Models
- Lightest Bag in its Class
- 250 PSI Rating
- Linear and Off-Axis Actuation
- Non-Ballooning Operation
- Vibration Isolation
- More responsive than comparable sized
- Takes less air pressure to lift same load

Brand (Manufacturer) Info 

Slam Specialties is the leading manufacturer of high-performance air suspension components and air springs. The company started supplying the aftermarket with US-made parts almost two decades now, and it continues to do so, offering only the best products. 

Warranty Information

All in house Non-warranty repairs will be subject to $30.00 Cleaning & Inspection. Non-warranty repairs will carry a 6 month warranty. If repairs and services are declined by the customer, your product will be reassembled; Cleaning & Inspection service fee will apply along with the charge for return shipping. Customers will be responsible for shipping to and from Slam Specialties. RGA number must be marked on the package for internal tracking of product. All Non warranty services and return shipping must be paid in full before repairs are completed. Slam Specialties is not responsible for lost or damaged products during the shipping process. Evidence of product disassembly will be subject to warranty VOID, and customers will be contacted!

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