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Importance of Suspension System in Automobile

Posted by Switch Suspension on 29th Dec 2019

When you think about your car or truck, what’s one of the more important components that come to mind? Is it safety? The engine? The horsepower rating? Well sure, all of those things have their significance, but one low-key item that’s super important in the scheme of things is the suspension system. It’s absolutely critical that it functions properly, otherwise nothing else matters.

Why? Well let’s find out.

It’s about comfort.

The first thing that most people think about when they consider the importance of their suspension system is that it’s about how smooth the vehicle rides. Does it feel like you can sense every pebble in the road, or is it soft and buttery like you’re riding on a cloud? The suspension is responsible for all that.

And so for many people, that’s the way they talk about their suspension. Does it ride well? Is it comfortable? Will I hate how it feels to drive it? And those are all valid things to consider when you’re looking at a new vehicle. But you might want to give up some things to consider others. For example …

It’s about grip.

The suspension on your automobile not only control the ride, but how well it handles. With a stiff enough suspension, and one that’s set up correctly, you can take the corners flat like you’re on rails. Your car can be a handling machine with the right suspension, although sometimes you’ll sacrifice a little bit of comfort to get there.

But why else is grip important? Well now’s when we really get into things, because with a properly operating suspension …

It’s about safety.

Your suspension is designed to keep your tires firmly planted to the road while giving you a tolerable ride that won’t make you want to punch a mirror. The side benefits? Grip, ride comfort — and better stopping power.

Think about it like this: You’re driving down the freeway and a truck swings wildly into your lane, then jams on the brakes. If you do the same and all things are equal, you should be fine. But if not, then your wheels will hop with every bump, minimizing your vehicle’s contact patch with the ground. The result? You won’t stop as fast, and could get into an accident.

This can’t be stressed enough. If your suspension isn’t operating properly, you won’t be able to stop anywhere near as effectively as you could with a functioning suspension. So is a suspension important? Yeah, absolutely. It’s deadly important.

It’s about you.

Look, we don’t want to overstate this too much, but having a properly functioning suspension is pretty important. It’s why we take our jobs so seriously. We know that all the custom work we do to your car or truck has to be safe, otherwise you put your family at risk. And nobody wants that.

So to answer the question: Is your automobile suspension important? Yeah, absolutely. Make sure you keep yours working reliably and everything will be OK.

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