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What is the importance of shock absorbers?

Posted by Switch Suspension on 17th Sep 2020

What is the importance of shock absorbers and can you drive with bad shocks? Even if all other aspects of a vehicle are working well, there's still a danger associated with operating a vehicle that has worn out or damaged shock absorbers. Driving ability, safety and performance will all be compromised.

What is the importance of shock absorbers?

Here are some risks identified by a leading manufacturer of shocks, Monroe.

- Brakes are less efficient, and you'll have to apply them at longer distances.

- Your ESP (Electronic Stability Control) and ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems) are less efficient

- You're more likely to skid on wet roads

- If you encounter crosswinds or corner, you're subject to less control

- You wear your tires and suspension system much faster

- Uncomfortable rides for both you and passengers

The Importance of Checking Your Shocks

Over time shock absorbers will get worn out, and as a result, drivers will adjust their driving style with bad shocks. To determine whether your shock absorbers are worn out, pay attention to the way the vehicle handles. You will notice more body roll while cornering, bouncing or bottoming-out when going over speed bumps or other uneven road conditions.

Try to do a bounce test by applying downward pressure on your car’s hood or rear. If it continues to bounce after letting go, it's likely the shocks are worn out. According to the team at our shop, drivers should ask a professional mechanic to check their car's shock absorbers routinely. This gives you time to replace them and check your air suspension kits for other wear.

This ensures your safety and ride quality, it’s recommended to replace your shocks on all corners so there is no uneven wear.

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