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Ford Super Duty 2023-2024 Ready Lift Auto Levling Headlight 3.5"-6" Lift Bracket


Product Overview

Fits: Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 W/ Onboard Scales 2023, 2024

Ready Lift Part# 67-23410

ReadyLIFT is excited to release new Auto-Leveling Headlight Brackets for the 2023-2024 Ford Super-Duty Trucks equipped with the onboard scale option.  ReadyLIFT’s leveling and lift kits for the 2023+ Super-Duty trucks have been a huge success but trucks with the onboard scales need a solution to keep this function working properly without illuminating warning lights.  These new brackets adjust the length and position of the front auto-leveling headlight sensor to the factory radius arms.  The new design moves the sensor towards the rear of the truck allowing for improved tire clearance along with adjusting the travel limits for proper function.  Part number 67-23210 is designed to work with our leveling kits with a front lift up to 2.5” and the 67-23410 works on ReadyLIFT’s kits of 3.5” to 6” kits. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Fits 2023-UP Ford Super Duty Trucks equipped with onboard scales.
  • PN 67-23410 works with ReadyLIFT kits of 3.5” lifts to 6” lifts.
  • Relocates auto-leveling headlight sensors for improved tire clearance.

Note: Auto-Leveling Headlight brackets only work with Super Duty stock radius arms.  Read full instructions to set the headlight position before completing installation

Warranty Information

Any ReadyLIFT products containing missing or defective components will be covered under warranty by ReadyLIFT. Please call 800-549-4620 to initiate a warranty claim. Rest assured our customer service team will urgently address the matter and expedite the replacement parts. In the event of a defective product, ReadyLIFT may request a return of the defective product (at ReadyLIFT expense) so the quality team can analyze the nature of the defect. Returning defective products will not delay the replacement part delivery. ReadyLIFT leveling kit, block kits and lift kit products are NOT intended for off-road abuse. Any abuse or damage as a result of off-road use voids the warranty of the ReadyLIFT product. Exception: ReadyLIFT Jeep SST and Terrain Flex Lift Kits are designed for normal off-road use to compliment the Jeep vehicle's off-road capability. All Jeep Lift Kit products are covered under warranty when used in recreational off-road environments. Warranty does not apply to discontinued, clearance or outlet products. Wearable components including, but not limited to, shocks, ball joints, heim joints, bushings, and steering extensions, are covered for up to 1-year. Labor, installation, surcharges or any other applicable fees from the original purchase are non-refundable. ReadyLIFT is not responsible for any consequential damage to vehicles. ReadyLIFT reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel this warranty without prior notice.


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