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BC Fab Wireless Switch Box

MSRP: $649.95
(You save $50.95 )

Product Overview

Want to go wireless? Here is what you need! With this controller you can cut the cord. Will work with any 8 valve set up. 

What's Included:
- Wireless Controller w/Case & Charge Cord
- Base Station
- Instruction Manual

Remote Specific Features:
- Buttons: 7-button control, each with UP/DOWN controlling Left Front, Right Front, Both Front, Left Rear, Right Rear, Both Rear, All Wheels
- Auxiliary Buttons: 2 auxiliary buttons used in the pairing process
- Backlight: Blue LED back light (can go tri-color Red, Green, Blue for production units, settable using AUX2 button)
- Battery: 410 mAh Li-Ion battery, rechargeable over USB Micro connector
- Battery Life: >10 hours continuous use (typical use), >60 days inactive
- Battery Charge Time: <5 hours from fully discharged to fully charged
- Battery Charge Source: Any USB charger, 5V 500mA capable (not included)
- Housing: ABS Plastic enclosure (Black, White) *
- Cover: Silicone rubber cover (Black, White, Light Gray, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Pink) *
- Keypad: Silicone rubber
- Operating Temperature: -20 to +60°C
- Battery Charging Temperature: +10 to +45°C
- Special Features: Location to attach a wrist or neck strap

Base Station Specific Features:
- Power: 12VDC (8.0 to 16.5V)
- Idle Current Draw: <15mA
- Valve Drive Capacity: Up to 1A per valve
- Wired Hand-Held Compatibility: Fully compatible, pass through function
- Connection to Valve Body: 10-pin removeable screw terminal
- Connection to Wire Hand-Held Controller: 9-pin removeable screw terminal
- Wire Size: 16-30 AWG
- Housing: ABS Plastic enclosure (Black)
- Mounting: Two flanges for screws, Velcro
- Local Control: 1x Rocker Switch for Front UP/DOWN control, 1x Rocker Switch for Rear UP/DOWN control (2x Rocker switches total)
- Status LED: 1x Green LED for status
- Pairing: 1x Momentary Push Button to Initiate Pairing Sequence accessed through pin hole in lid. Pairing is to a single Remote-Control device
- Operating Temperature: -10 to +60°C

Brand (Manufacturer) Info 

Since 2002, BC Fabrication has been the Northern California's number one source for quality suspension components and installation. Like your rides dropped to the ground, tucking rim and dragging frame? BC Fab sells and installs only the highest-quality components and accessories. From simple drops to complete frame-up builds, we've got you covered! Or would you rather be crawling over boulders, flexing your rig out through the most difficult line or leading the way through the water crossing? Our shop is located in Northern California, home to the Rubicon and Fordyce trails - we've conquered both in our own rigs, and we've helped many of our customers do the same. From basic lifts to one-off tube frame buggies, no job is too big or too small!

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